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Rules & Regulations

School Rules

The following ideal is which we all, teachers and students alike, are expected to apply and put in to practice in our own lives:

  1. Always be your best and do your best
  2. Treat all others and their property with courtesy and respect
  3. Listen to your teacher and to your classroom colleagues when they are speaking
  4. Follow all the instructions given by your teacher
  5. Make sure you bring all appropriate materials to class
  6. Be on time for all lessons and activities

  • Each week you are expected to bring: your manual; pens, pencils, rulers and erasers
  • An Islamic dress code should be observed by all
  • Food, drink, chewing gum etc are only to be consumed during break time.
  • Classrooms must be left as clean as they were at the beginning of the day
  • Valuable items (mobile phones, iPods etc) are to be kept switched off and stored at the bottom of your bag.
  • All items are brought in at your own risk.
  • Confiscated items can only be collected by parents/guardians from the Madressa office.

The above rules are aimed to establish a free and fair classroom environment where students and teachers are all able to participate without any fears.

Jafaria Sunday School fully expects all its students to ensure that these rules are observed at all times and in all situations.



“Inspire – Believe – Achieve”

Inspire the love of Allah SWT, Prophet Mohammad SAW and our Ahlulbayth.
Believe in our Islamic Faith; the teachings of the Quran / Ahlulbayth and in the arrival of our last Imam.
Achieve in making a positive impact in our student’s character and in preparing them to serve the mission of our Mahdi, Imam-e Zaman.


To provide the highest quality program that inspires and nourishes the body, mind, and soul of students with the love of the Ahlulbayth, re-enforce their belief in our faith, and help them in building character that incorporates the practices of the Ahlulbayth in their daily lives and actively prepare to serve the mission of our Mahdi.


To instill the love and practices of the Ahlulbayth in our students in a fun, learning environment


Improve Processes:
  • Develop a more structured organization by improving the School’s operating model
  • Incorporate better use of technology to improve the overall School experience

  • Improve Curriculum and Teaching Methods:
  • Refine and consolidate the School curriculum, improve the Quran curriculum and the overall teaching methods

  • Increase Student Engagement Levels:
  • Increase student motivation by diversifying the learning experience
  • Add more activities and projects for students to increase their interest

  • Meet The Team

    May Allah bless all those who have given their time and effort, both in the past and present, to help in imparting knowledge about His religion to our children.


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